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How 2 Recycle @ Business Recycling Day SA - 14 September 2012
  • Separate your waste – keep wet (waste) and dry (recyclables) apart
  • Find out which recyclables are accepted for recycling in your community (a school, drop-off site, buy-back centre or curb-site collection) by the Municipality
  • Educate your household – post a list of the things that are recycled somewhere visible until you and your family get into the habit
  • Set up a holding area for your recyclables – it could be a box or clearly marked bins. Once you have collected enough recyclable materials, plan a trip to your nearest drop-off site (saves fuel!!) or support your curbside collection.
Special Notes
  • Clean the recyclables if heavily soiled e.g. foodstuff
  • Flatten the plastic bottles, cartons, cardboard boxes and cans to reduce volume
  • A plastics identification code appears on the product to identify packaging plastics
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